The assessment of educational quality assurance for the year 2020, Walailak University got 4.93 out of a full score of 5, at a very good level record high.

The assessment of educational quality assurance for the year 2020, Walailak University got 4.93 out of a full score of 5, at a very good level record high.


Walailak University reveals the results of the internal education quality assurance assessment university level Academic year 2020, getting 4.93 points from a full score of 5, is expected to be a result of the development of educational mechanisms towards a quality university.

November 22, 2021 Prof. Dr. Tawadchai Suppadit, Vice President of Walailak University disclosed the results of the internal educational quality assurance assessment. At the university level according to the WUQA framework with the international basic criteria AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance) in the academic year 2020, the result showed that Walailak University received an average score of 4.93 from a full score of 5, at a very good level. and is considered the highest score since the establishment of this university.

Prof. Dr. Tawadchai Suppadit continued that If considering each of the 5 components, it was found that Walailak University Scored in Component 1, Organizational Leadership 4.99 points, Component 2 Educational Management 4.78 Points, Component 3 Research 4.98 Points, Component 4: Academic Service and Preservation of Arts and Culture, 5.00 Points, and Component 5, Management and Quality Assurance. 4.94 points respectively.

However, if you look at the improvement of the scores of the aforementioned assessment results in the past 5 years, it has been found that there has been a continuous improvement. In the academic year 2015, Walailak University got 4.42 points, good level, 2016 4.64 points, very good level, 2017 4.66 points, very good level, 2018 4.75 points, very good level, 2019 4.80 points, very good level, and the latest academic year 2020 got 4.93 points, very good level.

Prof. Dr. Tawadchai Suppadit said that such success came from the establishment of a clear strategy towards a quality university. Teaching reform under the UKPSF framework from England Developing students to have knowledge according to the 21st century framework, developing quality faculty and support personnel including the development of infrastructure to become a Green University.

There is also the development of IT systems according to the Smart University, the development of an achievement-oriented management system. Developing research outputs for publication in Scopus Quartile 1 and 2, as well as developing academic services. to meet the needs of the community by taking community issues as a base as well.

“Currently, Walailak University is ranked 767th from SCImago Institutions Rankings 2021 in the world, THE Impact Ranking 2021 in Sustainable Development, 601-800 in the world, QS Asia University Rankings 2022, 551-600 of Asia , Nature Index Ranking 2021 All Subjects Overview Ranked 5th in Thailand and from the World Green University Rankings 2020, it is ranked 219th in the world. The next step for the masses is to step into international accreditation. have a higher world ranking Please everyone follow and support. a small university in the south to grow and advance in quality To continue to represent Thai education on the world stage,” Prof. Dr. Tawadchai Suppadit said at the end.

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