Waste Management Unit


“At present, the incineration of infectious waste in the South and public health agencies are not sufficient. Incinerators are available only in government agencies. The focus is on burning rubbish in their own departments. However, when the waste incinerator of Walailak University Can walk fully. It will then serve the next community.”

The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments have set The budget for renovating the furnace is about 500,000 baht, repaired by scientists. Engineers and staff of the University itself. The incinerator will be officially launched in early 2019, which can support 100 kg of waste per hour. The gas and pressure system is divided into 2 burners, including combustion chamber and smoke chamber. The burning process when the burning chamber burns after smoke. They send smoke to the smoke room again. This room is burnt and the trapped. Smoke and vapors First released into the environment.


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