The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments One of the departments of Walailak University. By virtue of the Walailak University Act 1992 and the resolution of the Walailak University Council No. 1/2536 dated June 21, 1993, it is responsible for the use of tools, equipment, equipment and resources to support teaching and learning. Research for students and faculty in all relevant disciplines. As well as providing analysis, testing and academic services to agencies. Both public and private. In order to utilize tools and resources with high efficiency. In line with Walailak University's policy of "integrating mission coordination"

The operation of The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments started in 1995 with the start of the scientific work. Prof. Dr. Bancha Pongpanich, Associate Professor Dr. Chaiwit Silasuwan, Assoc. Wattanayote and Dr. Opas Tantipun, who later became professor Paiboon Nualnil, a specialist in the tool. Prince of Songkla University has provided assistance and advice to prepare details on budgeting. Management of various laboratories and the specification of equipment.

In the 1997 fiscal year, The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments Instruments The budget for laboratory preparation and the opening of four chemistry laboratories were first introduced in 1998 at the Science and Technology 7 Building.


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