The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments. Set objectives They are classified by the following groups of responsibilities.

► Learning and teaching

1. Provides instructional services for operations that are continually expanding and adequate.

2. Support teaching and learning to produce good and good graduates.

► Research

1. Infrastructure Research Tools And other support resources. Research in the direction of the university sufficiently.

2. Encourage personnel of the Science and Technology Facilities Center to participate in research with the school.

► Academic Services

1. Provides local laboratory services. To help develop the quality of basic education for the community.

2. Provide training to improve the science process skills to primary and secondary level.

3. Provide services and consultancy on laboratory and scientific skills. To the authorities. Both internal and external. To solve technical problems and professional development for the community.

► Test Analysis Services

1. Test Analysis Tools Suitable prototype tools to meet the needs of the agricultural and industrial sectors and government agencies in the Upper South.

2. Has a network of laboratory analyzers tested. Domestic, especially in the South, has strengthened. Enough to provide analysis services. Tested in the area fully.

3. Has standardized testing services in the national level.

► Development and maintenance of tools and equipment

1. Provide tools to replace imports and to promote good research.

► Laboratory Management System Integration Services

1. Has a competent person in charge. Have skills in resource management. Interaction with The applicant for the service. Continuously develop work and capacity.

2. Unity in work Have a good corporate culture. Development of the system. And the quality of information.


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