Proficiency Testing Program


Proficiency Testing Program is a technique of quality assurance for laboratories , responsible agencies (PT provider). Distribute samples to the laboratory. For analysis The laboratory results provide concrete tools for assessing and validating data from the laboratory. It is important for the laboratory to develop a quality system for the laboratory in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025. The laboratory analyzes the tests of the Department of Tool Utilization Services The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipments Participated in the skill testing activities of related organizations such as Department of Science Service , Department of Agriculture. We are confident in the test results that serve our customers. That is correct. Trust is acceptable. And in the fiscal year 2018, the laboratory has set up a plan to participate in the expertise test in 2018. (Proficiency Testing Program Plan) The results of the expertise test in each item. (Results of Proficiency Testing Program)


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